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    mission statement

    Mission Statement

    The Kalamazoo Stormwater Working Group (KSWG) is a collaborative effort of outreach and education for our interconnected Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (or MS4s) in the Kalamazoo County area.

    Rain falls and snow melts across hard and impervious surfaces that do not allow water to soak into the ground. The water flows to storm sewers or catch basins which direct it to a natural surface water body such as a wetland, river, pond or lake. Stormwater runoff carries salts, grass clippings, sediment, fertilizer, oils, pet waste, and other material left on driveways and sidewalks into the catch basins, and unfortunately they eventually drain to our natural water bodies.
    KSWG partners work together to protect against harmful discharges to the Kalamazoo River and its tributaries:

    Kalamazoo River Corridor
    Portage-Arcadia Creek
    Axtell Creek
    Gull-Augusta Creek
    Davis Creek/Olmstead Drain
    Gourdneck Creek
    Portage Creek

    As well as discharges to the St. Joseph River:
    Portage River
    Rocky River
    And the Paw Paw River.

    Improving the quality of our local natural water bodies that citizens recreate in and enjoy for their beauty, habitats, wildlife and plant life is our goal. The water quality within the county's water resources affect the natural water bodies downstream as well. These are just a few: Austin Lake, Duck Lake, Gull Lake, Lake Allegan, Nottawa Creek, Asylum lake, Woods lake, David Creek, Morrow Lake, Twins lake, Atwater Millpond, Paw Paw Lake, Eagle Lake, Crooked Lake, and Indian Lake.

    Only with everyone's collaboration can we achieve KSWG's goals! So please use our links above to join us in our efforts to be stewards of our natural surface water resources by preventing harmful discharges to our municipal stormwater drainage systems.